Pinnacle Packaged Fasteners
16709 Lathrop Avenue
Harvey, Illinois 60426
In Illinois:
(708) 339-9320
(708) 339-9392
For Distributors Only

Special Needs

When you are deciding who should get your fastener business, results speak louder than words. All the smooth sales talk in the world can't make poor quality and late shipments look good. And delayed, poor quality makes you look bad.

If you haven't heard about us from someone you trust and respect, put us to the test yourself. Give us a small order, just to try us out. We have 100 packs and 1/8th kegs on all sizes in our net price catalog. Bulk quantities are available. You can mix and match to order only what you need. If we goof it up, you'll never be back. You know that, and we know that. And, we'll ship your order when promised. All orders received by 3:00 p.m. cst will ship the same day.

If we do it complete - in the quantities you need and already quality inspected, you'll have your proof. You'll know you can trust us with your really important orders.

And you'll never have to trust fancy talk again.

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