Pinnacle Threaded Products, Inc.
270 East 167th Street
Harvey, Illinois 60426
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(708) 339-9320
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(800) 669-7466
(800) 729-4787
For Distributors Only

Pinnacle Threaded Products, Inc. has been a fastener distributor since 1978. We at Pinnacle are known for being able to provide the fastener distributor with a wide array of quantities. We sell in 100 packs, 1/8 kegs, and bulk.

Pinnacle Threaded Products was created to give fastener distributors everywhere the very best quality, while receiving the absolute best customer service. We have maintained this company-wide philosophy throughout the years. This philosophy must be working due to the fact that Pinnacle has grown into one of the largest and most well respected fastener distributors in the industry.

Pinnacle started out with not much more than a basic line of machine screws and tapping screws. It is now safe to say that Pinnacle's long line of products has grown into one of the industry's largest and most diverse.

Pinnacle Threaded Products has tried to stay abreast with the ever changing and growing number of stringent laws affecting the fastener industry. Pinnacle's Quality Control Department is truly state of the art. Pinnacle's Shipping Department has also upgraded to a high level of technology. This has allowed us to fully bar code our inventory, which makes it 100% traceable.

We have a reputation at Pinnacle for taking the extra step to handle whatever special requests a customer may request. You may want to check out our Link Magazine ad to get a better idea of how Pinnacle packages our product.

To find out more about our business please go to the next page. If you would like to receive a net price catalog please e-mail us. I think by researching Pinnacle Threaded Products you will find a company that is ready, willing, and able to handle your fastener needs.

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